Whenever you think of buying a tractor, you may have the brand Kubota in mind. Maybe you’ve already visited the nearest Kubota dealership. This Osaka-based Japanese multinational company manufactures a variety of agricultural machines.

While Kubota is well-known for manufacturing industry-leading products, there are also some Kubota models to avoid. Yes, this renowned manufacturer has some models, like Kubota L3300F, L3000DT, etc., that you should stay off.

Many new and old Kubota tractor models have developed multiple issues over time. Before investing in a Kubota tractor, it is wise to know about the models. Below are all the Kubota models you should remove from your shortlist.

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9 Worst Kubota Models to Avoid in 2023

1. Kubota B2601

Kubota B2601 is a compact, four-wheel drive tractor equipped with a 26HP engine. It is one of six Kubota B series tractors. The tractor was first launched in 2018.

Since then, it has shown its prowess in tasks ranging from rigorous farming to household tasks. Despite having good hydrostatic transmission, great diesel power, etc., it still has many pitfalls.

From a stiff treadle pedal to overheating, Kubota B2601 has many problems that will disrupt your work. Due to this, you should avoid investing in the Kubota B2601 model.

Why Avoid Kubota B2601?

  • Stiff treadle pedal
  • Congested seating area
  • Overheating
  • Quick tach loader connection problem
  • A dead battery, faulty safety switches, or dirty terminals causes starting problems.
  • Engine issues

2. Kubota BX2380

Kubota BX2380 is a compact utility tractor that combines power, reliability, and versatility. It has good aspects, such as a powerful engine, rigidity, and resilience.

Though it might seem great, Kubota BX2380 has many issues that outweigh its excellence. This is why you should avoid BX2380 when choosing a Kubota utility tractor.

On top of that, Kubota has recalled BX2380s manufactured between 2014 and 2018 due to a burn risk warning. So, avoiding buying Kubota models earlier than 2018 would be best as they involve fire hazards.

However, the newer models still contain many issues, such as starting problems, overheating, etc. No matter if it’s a brand-new or a second-hand deal, you should keep off Kubota BX2380.

Why Avoid Kubota BX2380?

  • Overheating
  • Starting issues
  • The pins of the folding ROPS do not line up correctly.
  • The electrical connection for the third function seems dense
  • The switch randomly falls off
  • Complications with PTO and loader
  • Wrong placement of the fuel tank and grab handle

3. Kubota L3000DT

Kubota L3000DT was first launched in 2000. It was doing great until a few users complained about a failing clutch. The clutch problem gives the vehicle a hard time while working.

It is evident in sudden revving and slipping gears or brakes while driving. Moreover, Kubota L3000DT also has issues with its transmission unit. Purchasing Kubota L3000DT will make you visit a mechanic every few days.

Why Avoid Kubota L3000DT?

  • A failing clutch
  • Shifting gears
  • Transmission problems
  • Rough experience in the field

4. Kubota BX2680

The revolution of subcompact tractors started with the Kubota BX series, as they say. Kubota claims the Kubota BX2680 is one of their best-selling subcompact tractors. Like other BX tractors, it brings affordability and functionality to compact tractors.

With ever-increasing improvements, it did well in the field until a few users complained about issues. The issues related to its engine, hydrostatic transmission, hydraulics, electrical and steering system.

Why Avoid Kubota BX2680?

  • Engine issues – the engine doesn’t start, stops suddenly, overheats, makes noises, or shuts off while idling
  • Hydraulic issues – overheated hydraulic system, low hydraulic fluid pressure, hitch not lifting, hitch lowering, etc.
  • Hydrostatic Transmission issues – excessive transmission noise, overheating, low power, and transmission fluid leaking
  • Steering System issues – stiff steering and excessive steering wheel free play
  • Electrical issues – battery will not charge, the starter doesn’t crank or turns slow

5. Kubota L3300F

The Kubota L3300F tractor has many pitfalls, mainly in the engine, so you should avoid this model. Although the engine is powerful, it fails to start, misfires frequently and is plagued by overheating or sudden stalling.

The worst part, these issues recurred despite troubleshooting them, which is frustrating. In addition to this, Kubota L3300F engine parts come at a good price. It makes maintenance expensive. It has also issues in the transmission and electrical unit.

Why Avoid Kubota L3300F?

  • Engine issues – overheating, failure to start, misfires frequently, etc.
  • Expensive engine parts
  • Transmission issues – leaking fluid, noise while changing gears, and hard-to-shift gears
  • Electric issues – weak electrical unit, wears over time, starter malfunctions, and fails to charge the battery.
  • Costly maintenance

6. Kubota B3350

The Kubota B3350 tractor has recently created a lot of buzz over the internet. You cannot dismiss its unique design as unimportant or turn a blind eye to the Kubota B3350 problems.

All this makes you think about whether Kubota B3350 is worth buying. We actually feel that it’s not. Indeed, every machine comes with its bane and boon. The Kubota B3350 is no exception.

One of the main issues Kubota B3350 has is its regeneration problem. This problem causes the tractor to shut off. Moreover, it has issues with the electrical units, engine, dull blades, etc. All this makes you spend a lot on repairs.

Why Avoid Kubota B3350?

  • Active and passive regeneration issues
  • Damaged or drained and rusted terminals cause electrical problems.
  • Hard-to-start engine
  • Stalling
  • Faulty spark plugs
  • Dull blades

7. Kubota M9540

Many consider the Kubota M9540 tractor as the workhorse on the farm. But, it can be the reason for a real pain in the neck for some people. Despite being a popular model, many complaints about Kubota M9540 exist.

There are enough reasons to avoid this model, from electrical issues to broken-down engines. If you own a Kubota M9540 tractor, you will experience problems with the hydraulic system.

Even after effective fixes, you’ll likely spend much time and money addressing the hydraulic issues. Then, you will also experience problems with the engine, transmission, electrical, etc.

Why Avoid Kubota M9540?

  • Slow hydraulic operation
  • Leaks, pressure issues, and hiked fluid temperatures.
  • Engine overheats
  • Hard steering
  • Motor cranks and not starting
  • Tractor motor overheats
  • Gear shifting problems
  • Electrical issues like faulty gauges, lights flickering on and off, etc.

8. Kubota BX2370

The Kubota BX2370 is mainly used for farming and landscaping. Even after that, you should avoid this model because it will give you a hard time. These problems with Kubota tractors need to be addressed.

The Kubota BX2370 model is prone to problems with its engine, hydrostatic transmission, hydraulics, steering system, and electrical units. It will make you visit the mechanics every few days.

Why Avoid Kubota BX2370?

  • Engine issues – Hard-to-start engine, overheating, insufficient engine power, diesel shut-off while driving, low oil power, etc.
  • Hydrostatic transmission issues include noisy hydrostatic transmission, overheated fluid leakage, etc.
  • Hydraulics issues – overheating, insufficient oil pressure, hitch lifts slowly, dirty hydraulic fluid, etc.
  • Steering system issues – heavy steering, worn out steering column shaft, etc.
  • Electrical issues – loose connections, drained battery, etc.

9. Kubota GR2120 – Models older than 2019

Kubota GR2120 models older than 2019 are recalled as the model to avoid. This model includes fire hazards like the BX2380 model. The defective coolant reservoir tank is prone to overheating and thus causes fire hazards.

The GR2120 is one of the old Kubota tractor models with many problems. As a potential buyer, you should be aware of them and better to avoid this model. The issues are associated with the Kubota GR2120 models manufactured before 2019.

Why Avoid Kubota GR2120?

  • Fire hazards
  • The engine fails to start and keeps shutting down
  • Engine overheats or fail to idle
  • Starter doesn’t work
  • Transmission issues
  • Poor tractor handling

Frequently Asked Questions

Some Kubota models that have been reported to have problems include the following:

  • Kubota B3350
  • Kubota L3300F
  • Kubota BX2680
  • Kubota L3000DT
  • Kubota B2601

These models have been known to have problems with the following:

  • Engine problems
  • Transmission problems
  • Hydraulic problems
  • Electrical problems
  • Cooling system problems

The problems reported with these Kubota models can be very costly to repair. The repairs may sometimes be more expensive than the tractor’s value. Additionally, these problems can cause downtime, impacting your ability to get work done.

Many other brands of tractors have a good reputation for reliability. Some of these brands include:

  • John Deere
  • Massey Ferguson
  • New Holland
  • Case IH
  • Yanmar

When buying a tractor, there are several things that you should look for. Some of these things include:

  • The tractor’s age
  • The tractor’s hours of operation
  • The tractor’s maintenance history
  • The tractor’s condition
  • The tractor’s warranty

There are many benefits to owning a tractor. Some of these benefits include:

  • Tractors can be used for various tasks, such as mowing, plowing, and hauling.
  • Tractors can save you time and money by doing tasks you would otherwise have to do by hand.
  • Tractors can increase your productivity and help you to get more done.

Final Thoughts

Hitherto, you know which Kubota models to avoid. All the models listed above have many problems reported by owners. Some of them have been proven risky to the user and, therefore, recalled. So, keep these Kubota models in consideration while buying a Kubota tractor. 

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