11 Common Sany Excavator Problems and How to Fix?

Have you ever been in a situation where your excavator has stopped working amid tasks? No doubt! You may relate to how annoying it can be when your excavator gets stuck while moving heavy materials or clearing.

Hence, you should pay attention to excavator problems as it’s a long-term investment. SANY excavator problems are no exception. SANY excavator is a popular name for those who are into farming. It is durable, efficient, and comfortable to use.

Not to mention that such productive, long-lasting tools may eventually encounter problems. If you are planning to invest in a SANY excavator, it is wise to be aware of its problems. This article will discuss the SANY excavator issues and its solution.

SANY Excavator Problems and Its Fixes

If you own or operate SANY excavators, you may encounter some problems occasionally. Let’s break down all the issues you may encounter while using SANY excavators. Also, know how to fix all these problems.

Problem 1: Hydraulic Pump Problems in SANY Excavator

A hydraulic pump is what gives an excavator the muscle they need for heavy lifting. In fact, it is the heart of the machine. If any of the components of the hydraulic pump is damaged, the whole unit may stop working.

A damaged hydraulic pump stresses the excavator’s arms and restricts their movement. There are many reasons for the hydraulic pump of the excavator to break or wear out. Firstly, low hydraulic fluid levels can cause the system pressure to reduce.

Secondly, the hydraulic fluid can expire or pick up water or other contaminants. This causes debris to accumulate inside the pump. Also, dirt and debris can clog the wall of the hydraulic pump and harm it after prolonged use.

Then, the hydraulic hoses of the SANY excavator can fatigue due to high temperature, tube erosions, abrasion, or bending. The leaking fittings cause the hydraulic pump to malfunction by minimizing the hydraulic fluid.

Moreover, the broken relief valves minimize fluid flow considerably. Since relief valves monitor the flow of hydraulic fluid, defective valves can cause the hydraulic pump to malfunction.

How to Fix It SANY Excavator Pump Problems?

  • Check for hydraulic fluid level and condition constantly. Refill the tank and make sure the fluid is at the recommended level.
  • Check for dirty hydraulic fluid and flush out all the contaminated fluid. Clean the tank and refill it.
  • If the pump is destroyed, replace it.
  • Check if the hydraulic hoses are causing the hydraulic fluid leakage. If the hoses wear out, replace them immediately.
  • If leaking fittings are spotted, try tightening them and refill the fluid. Replace the fittings if no changes are noticed.
  • Check the relief valve for damage or wear. Repair or replace if needed.

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Problem 2: Failure to Start Sany Excavator

SANY Excavator may have a hard start or refuse to start for many reasons. Firstly, due to a faulty directional joystick. When the directional joystick wires break, the excavator is challenging to start. 

Then, the broken starter wires can lead to starting difficulties. The starter depends on electric power from the key. Lack of voltage makes the starter faulty. Moreover, the excavator struggles to start when the dead man’s switch is turned off. 

How to Fix It Failure to Start?

  • Check for the voltage with a voltmeter from the key to the starter. If there is no voltage, check for defective connections. Adjust the faulty connection if found.
  • Look at the directional joystick closely. If a faulty directional joystick is discovered, replace them for smooth operations.
  • Make sure the dead man’s switch is on before starting the excavator.
  • If broken starter wires are seen, replace them immediately.

Problem 3: Problem in Transmission System

The transmission system of the SANY excavator consists of a hydraulic pump, hydraulic motor, tubes, rear frame, etc. It controls all the gears in an excavator. Thus, it has more chances of being out of order.

The transmission system of the SANY excavator can lead to malfunctioning mainly due to poor maintenance. This part of an excavator undergoes extreme movements and vibrations during operation. So, it requires constant lubrication.

How to Fix It?

Lubricate all parts in the gearbox enough for free movements. If any components in the transmission system are worn out, repair or replace them immediately. 

Problem 4: Overheating Sany Excavator

Like other farming tools, the SANY excavator encounters overheating issues. It might overheat for many reasons, such as; overloading, faulty radiator cap, defective exhaust system, and clogged radiator.

Overloading causes the excavator engine to work harder than normal, thereby generating more unnecessary heat. Even some components of an excavator may blow up because of overheating. It can be expensive later to fix them.

Moreover, a faulty radiator cap causes the excavator to overheat. When the radiator caps become loose, it allows the excess air to enter. This causes the coolant to be pressurized as it flows through the system and cools the engine.

A defective exhaust system causes the excavator to malfunction by not letting the overheated exhaust fumes out. Overheated exhaust fumes, therefore, raise engine temperatures.

When the radiator vents clog due to dirt and debris, it leads to the excavator malfunctioning. The clogged vents don’t allow the heat to escape, thus resulting in overheating.

How to Fix It Overheating Sany Excavator?

  • Make sure that the load you intend to lift using the excavator is within its limits. It is wise to divide the load into convenient bits. This prevents overheating as well as boosts the excavator’s lifespan.
  • Make sure the radiator caps are tightly connected. If they are worn out, replace them.
  • Replace the defective exhaust system and clean the pipes if clogged. 
  • Clean the dirt and debris out of the radiator vents. If the vents are excessively clogged, replace the entire exhaust system.

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Problem 5: Metal Fatigue Sany Excavator

The excavator itself is a giant made of heavy-duty metal. Still, prolonged use of the excavator makes its parts deteriorate. It is prone to caving, bending, or breaking. 

How to Fix It?

To keep your excavator in its best condition, lubricate the moving parts regularly. Applying oil or grease to all actively moving parts reduces stress on the excavator components. It minimizes the chances of massive accidents caused by mechanical failure. 

Problem 6: Fuel contamination Issue

Contamination of oil or fuel can have severe consequences for the excavator. This problem is difficult to detect initially. Sometimes it’s too late by the time you identify the problem. By then, it damages your excavator extensively.

So, how to identify oil or fuel contamination? Look for any changes in the fluid color or consistency of the liquid. The fluid may be too thick or too thin. Oil or fuel contamination occurs when any unwanted material enters the oil.

How to Fix It?

  • Make sure the final dive of an excavator is free of unwanted elements.
  • Check the fuel if you suspect anything unusual in the fuel system.
  • Keep the machine away from the pool or water to prevent anything from entering the fuel system. Cover the excavator when it rains.

Problem 7: Track Tension Problem

Track tension issue is one of the common SANY excavator problems. Users often complain about this, primarily due to user error. Moreover, track tension can happen because of wrong adjustments. 

How to Fix It?

Check the alignment of the tracks. Make sure both tracks are placed parallel to each other. Adjust any parts of your SANY excavator carefully. Make sure it is not too tight or too loose. 

Problem 8: Excessive Corrosion Issue

Like other power tools, the SANY excavator is prone to corrosion when used in areas with extreme climate change. Since it is used outside, its chance of corrosion is high. For example, it is usually corroded on salty or muddy grounds.

How to Fix It?

After using the excavator in salty or muddy areas, clean it properly. You can apply a protective coating over all the components to guard them against harmful elements.

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Problem 9: Electrical Complications Problem

Electrical complications cause the excavator to shut down unexpectedly. The engine or light can cut off suddenly. Electrical complications happen mostly because of defective fuses, damaged wires, faulty alternators, or sensors.

How to Fix It?

  • Check all the wirings and make sure the connections are all right. Replaced damaged wires if detected. Adjust any poor connections.
  • Check the battery conditions. Make sure the terminals are not damaged and are free of corrosion. Check the connection to see if the battery terminals are secured. Make sure the alternators are working correctly.
  • Monitor the fuses closely. If you notice any burning or discoloration, replace the fuses immediately.
  • Check all the electrical components like switches, starter motors, relays, and solenoids. Look for any sign of damage or overheating on these components. Repair or replace any worn-out parts.
  • Inspect the controller of the SANY excavator.

Problem 10: Undercarriage Problems

The undercarriage of an excavator consists of rollers, idlers, and the final drive. Problems in the undercarriage cause the excavator to lose its stability and move slowly.

How to Fix It?

  • Make sure the roller bearings are moving freely and lubricate them properly for better movements. Check for any damages, and replace them if found.
  • Check if the idlers are moving freely. If the idlers and sprockets are damaged, replace them immediately.
  • Check for any damages or leaks in the final drives. Also, check the oil level of the final drive. Repair or replace them if found damaged.
  • Check for signs of impact or dents in the undercarriage.

Problems 11: Sany Excavator Oil Leakage Problems

Problems with oil leakage are too common in SANY excavators. Are oil-based SANY excavators problems reliable? Indeed! Oil leaks are caused by low oil levels, which you can hardly detect. But this makes the excavator faulty.

How to Fix It?

Despite refilling the oil, look for the reasons that cause the oil leakage problem. Find the root of the problem and fix it.

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Final Thoughts

Every tool has a certain lifespan. SANY excavator is no exception. However, you can boost its lifespan by fixing all the SANY excavator problems. We have discussed all possible issues your SANY excavator can experience.

Luckily, you can now identify the problems and fix them yourself. Your SANY excavator will perform exceptionally well despite having any problems. We suggest maintaining your SANY excavator regularly to avoid most of these issues.

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