8 Most Common Yardsport Ys200 Problems And Effective Solutions

The Yardsport YS200 is a gas-powered light utility vehicle used for property surveillance and as a golf cart. The simple and versatile design of this UTV model makes it popular among many. Sadly, it may not always give you the best experience.

Despite proper maintenance, you may often experience some problems with the engine, battery, or car parts. This article will describe some of the most common issues encountered by Yardsport YS200 users and their solutions. Let’s get started.

Common Yardsport YS200 Problems

Sometimes Yardsport YS200 may have problems when the parts are not monitored or maintained correctly. It becomes difficult for beginners to fix these problems without the proper know-how.

After owning Yardsport YS200, you may face many issues, including faulty engine or battery, hard starting, solenoid breakdown, rough riding, speed controller problems, etc. Let’s highlight some of these problems, including their fixes.

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Problem 1: Yardsport YS200 Will Not Start

The most common issue of Yardsport YS200 is its starting issues. Despite several tries, it went up and gave off a strong gas smell.

Possible reasons for starting-issue

  • When the battery is low or damaged
  • Not enough gas
  • Mechanical glitches
  • A defective starter
  • Faulty connections or wiring

How to Fix It?

You need to check various components of Yardsport YS200 to fix the problem. Let’s start with the battery and see if it is working.

  • Check for exceptions like liquid dripping, swelling, and corroded terminals.
  • If corroded terminals are found, clean them with sandpaper.
  • Check for broken wires or faulty connections and repair them. It is better to replace the battery if it is not working.
  • Check to see if you hear any sound when starting up Yardsport YS200.
  • A sort of clicking sound means the starter is faulty, so you need to replace it quickly.
  • See if the gas tank is full. Inspect for any mechanical issue in the engine.
  • Check the wet spots and see if there is a leak in the evaporating emission system.
  • Sometimes Yardsport YS200 stops working when you haven’t started it for a long time. The cold weather may be the reason for this UTV model to stop working at times. Move it to a warmer place to fire it up.

Problem 2: Hard-to-Start Engine

Sometimes your Yardsport YS200 engine may sound funny, and the wheel seems hard to drive. This is perhaps the most catastrophic wheel-bearing failure. The bad or damaged engine will cause the vehicle to stop working.

Possible reasons for hard-to-start engine issue

  • If not used for a long time
  • Faulty gas pedal or battery cables
  • Broken wires of the spark plug
  • Clogged air filter

How to Fix It?

The faulty engine needs to be fixed immediately, as it is the heart of the vehicle. First, you must scrutinize the engine to find out what is causing the problem. Then look into the following to fix the problem.

  • Check the gas pedal first and see if it is working correctly. If any problems are found, repair the gas pedal or replace it.
  • The engine can be damaged if the spark plug is burned, cracked, broken, or disconnected. Check if it needs quick replacement.
  • A corroded battery cable can also cause the engine to be damaged. If so, check the ignition coils and make sure they are connected securely.
  • Make sure to check the air filter as well since the clogged air filter can cause engine damage.

Problem 3: Battery Breakdown

Haven’t you used your Yardsport YS200 golf cart for a while? Then, you may find dust in the battery terminals, a dead battery, or inadequate water level. This results in batteries losing charges. 

Battery breakdown is the most common problem with Yardsport YS200. If the battery loses charge, the car will not start. It isn’t very pleasant when you are about to start a course. 

Possible reasons for battery breakdown issue

  • Lack of maintenance
  • Blown batteries
  • Lack of sufficient power
  • Dead battery
  • Dust in the battery terminals
  • Inadequate water levels
  • Older battery

How to Fix it?

Following a few guidelines can help fix the battery breakdown issue in the Yardsport YS200 car.

  • Check if the battery has enough power with a voltmeter or multimeter.
  • If the battery power is enough, check the water level. Fill the water level if it is inadequate.
  • Check for loose or damaged electrical connections and ensure they are connected tightly.
  • Visually inspect for dust or debris in the battery. Clean the dust if found.
  • After inspecting if the car is still not firing up, it may be time for a new battery

Problem 4: Problems in the Tires

Sometimes Yardsport YS200 has leakage in the tire, which causes issues in the car. Defective tires won’t let the golf cart move. Also, it makes the car unbalanced while driving.

Possible reasons for tire problems issue

  • Ruptures in the outer walls
  • Missing valve caps
  • Damaged tire bread
  • Defective valve stem

How to Fix It?

You can identify and fix tire problems following the guidelines below.

  • To find a tire leak, inflate it with an air pump and note if there is any squealing noise.
  • Or you may dip the tire completely in the soapy water and check if any air bubbles appear. If air bubbles are found anywhere in the tire, it means there is a leak at that point.
  • If you need to replace the tire, use a ratchet wrench to remove the nuts. Install a newer tire and plug in all the nuts and screws.

Problem 5: Solenoid Breakdown

The solenoid in the Yardsport YS200 is an electromagnetic coil of wire that carries electrical current to the motor. It creates a clicking sound when you put pressure on the accelerator. That is to say; the solenoid is working.

Sometimes the solenoid stops creating the sound, which indicates the solenoid failure. Solenoid failure causes the Yardsport YS200 to shut down. If the solenoid somehow breaks down, the car stops working.

Possible reasons for solenoid breakdown issue

  • Cracked coils
  • Loose wires
  • Damaged electrical wiring
  • Dirt accumulation in the solenoid
  • Improper power supply

How to Fix it?

If the solenoid gets into trouble, the solenoid valve will not open or close properly. It is frustrating at times. Hence, the solenoid issue needs to be fixed ASAP. Follow the guideline to fix the solenoid issue.

  • Start with inspecting the cracked or worn-out coils and wires. If the coils or wires are broken or worn out, fix or replace them ASAP.
  • Check for any worn seals, corrosions, membranes, or O-rings, as it mainly causes solenoid breakdown. If found, fix or replace it as needed.
  • Make sure to clean the dust or debris on the solenoid.

Problem 6: Faulty Direction Switch

The direction switch, also known as the “forward or reverse switch,” is what drives the Yardsport YS200 forward or backward. If the switch is out of order, the car can either move forward or backward. In the opposite direction, it will get stuck.

Possible reasons for faulty direction switch issue

  • The frequent use of the switch
  • Poor maintenance
  • When the selector cannot move the switch pin

How to Fix It?

  • When the switch pin is broken, the direction will stop working. So check if the switch pins are damaged.
  • The pin should connect the lugs properly. Repair the pin if necessary when you are done.
  • Check if the selectors are moving the switch pin properly. Repair the switch if necessary.

Problem 7: Lack of Comfort

The Yardsport YS200 is not a comfortable vehicle by design. The seats are short and inflexible. When used for longer, it can cause back pains. Driving in a tiny sitting space with several passengers can be challenging.

Possible reasons for lack of comfort issue

  • Rigid and small seats
  • Tiny seating space
  • The open design exposes to weather elements

How to Fix It?

Modifying the Yardsport YS200 tools and parts is the best way to get comfortable.

  • For a comfortable sitting experience, add a high-back, padded seat. You may also need to fasten the seat belt for safety.
  • Get a roof cover and windshield to protect yourself against weather elements. You can get a removable cover that can be removed in the summer.

Problem 8: Rough Riding

Rough riding also causes discomfort while driving. Though Yardsport YS200 is best for an off-road experience, it is not an all-terrain vehicle. You will likely experience a rough drive on uneven surfaces.

Possible reasons for rough riding issue

  • Suspension system, mainly the tires
  • Flat or out-of-balance tires
  • Exceeding the road limit
  • Transmission failure

How to Fix It?

  • Do to overload the Yardsport YS200.
  • Slow down while driving on rugged terrains for added stability of the suspension system.
  • Check the state of the tires and see if the rough riding continues on smooth surfaces.
  • Keep the vehicle on an even surface to find out any unbalanced tires.
  • If any unbalanced tires are found, inflate them to the suggested levels. Repair punctures on the tires, if any.
  • Sometimes uneven tire wear causes unbalanced tires.
  • Replace the defective parts of the suspension system, such as the springs, bushings, dampers, struts, etc.
  • In case of severe damage to the tires, get new ones.

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Wrap Up!

The Yardsport YS200 problems are unavoidable. It will likely happen if not maintained regularly. Like other vehicles, you need to keep it under regular check-ups. You should have the proper knowledge about Yardsport YS200 maintenance.

Avoid loading the vehicle with maximum load to make the Yardsport YS200 durable. You shouldn’t push it past its limits. Do not drive the vehicle in any terrain, as it can make your car’s life expectancy.

Try the guidelines mentioned above if any issues are found as described. Repairing your own Yardsport YS200 will give you satisfaction as well as save time and money. If the problem is still not resolved, it is better to go to the professionals.

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