8 Common Kayo Fox 70 Problems And Easy Fixes

If you allow children to go off-road, they will learn to care for themselves. However, when introducing youngsters to early off-road life, their safety and comfort are parents’ biggest concerns. Kayo Fox 70 ensures the best off-roading adventure for kids.

A comfortable seat, manageable 70cc engine, and fully automatic transmission make the Kayo Fox 70 the best quad bike for kids. Despite offering a thrilling experience to young riders, the Kayo Fox 70 problems must be addressed.

From starting problems to bothersome transmission, the Kayo Fox 70 tends to come with many sad truths. This article helps you learn about unexpected circumstances you might experience with Kayo Fox 70.

Kayo Fox 70 Problems And Effective Fixes

The Kayo Fox 70 has overcome numerous tests and proven its excellence in performance and reliability. However, regardless of its positives, users have encountered many issues that question its overall quality.

Look closely at some problems your youngster might encounter while riding Kayo Fox 70. So you can understand how to deal with those when on the ride. Then, let’s bring out the truth behind Kayo Fox 70.

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Problem 1: Kayo Fox 70 Won’t Start

The thing that owners complain about the Kayo Fox 70 most is that the engine does not start. It happens for many reasons, including faulty battery terminals, dead batteries, faulty valves, loose wiring, and broken spark plugs.

How to Fix It?

  • Start with inspecting the battery terminals. Check if there is any dust and debris or corrosion. If there are dust and debris, give the terminals a proper cleaning. Apply petroleum jelly or dielectric grease if they seem corroded.
  • Check the battery to see if it is getting the 12Volts as projected. Recharge the battery if not.
  • The intake or exhaust valves of the Kayo Fox 70 are either tight or too loose, causing starting problems. Both ways, it can affect valve clearance. If the vehicle is not maintained at the proper level, it causes no-start issues.
  • Sometimes, the grounding wires cause a no-start issue. First, check if the grounded wires are connected to the battery.
  • Make sure the spark plug is not coated with oil, fuel, or coolant. Check if the color of the tip looks burnt or normal. The burnt tip indicates that the spark plug is fouled. If it seems fouled, install a high-quality iridium spark plug.

Problem 2: Kayo Fox 70 Carburetor Issues

The faulty carburetor is another significant issue with the Kayo Fox 70. The vehicle has a defective carburetor due to problems like intermittent stalling, loss of engine performance, poor acceleration, rough idling, loss of speed, etc.

How to Fix It?

  • Adjust the idle on the carburetor:

To ensure that the Kayo Fox 70 won’t idle or run properly, you need to adjust the idle on the carburetor. Find the idle adjustment screw on the vehicle’s right side within a brass fitting. A black rubber cap covers the idle adjustment screw.

Remove the cap and then pop out the brass fitting entirely to access the screw. Loosen the adjustment screw using a small flathead screwdriver. Adjust the adjustment screw a few times until you increase the idle.

  • Replace the carburetor:

The best way to fix a faulty carburetor is to replace it with a high-quality Kayo Fox 70 carburetor. The replacement carburetor comes cheaply, costing between $20 and $40. You can consider any 19mm carburetor, such as Nibbi 19mm and HIAORS PZ19 19mm carburetor.

Problem 3: Battery Drain Problem

The Kayo Fox 70 ATV uses a lithium-ion battery. It provides a much longer-lasting charge than traditional alkaline batteries. However, it tends to lose power when not used for longer. 

How to Fix It?

  • You can fix the battery power issue by resetting the ATV. Then, unplug the battery from the charger and discharge it fully.
  • Now plug in the charger and allow it to charge fully for 15 minutes.
  • Getting the perfect Kayo Fox 70 battery size will help to hold the charge.

Problem 4: Transmission Problems

The dirt and debris get into transmission fluid over time and degrade its quality. Contaminated transmission fluid can cause the ATV to lose power or fail to shift completely. Insufficient oil is another reason for transmission failure.

A low transmission fluid level adds more pressure to the interior parts of the system and makes it break down. In addition, issues with the shifter and valve body make the ATV fails to engage.

How to Fix It?

  • Inspect if the filter is clogged with dirt and debris. If so, replace it. You can consider HIAORS 35mm air filter.
  • Replace the transmission fluid every so often for optimal performance.
  • Check the transmission fluid level regularly.
  • For severe transmission problems, contact a professional mechanic.

Problem 5: The Chain Drops

While riding in uneven terrain, the chain of Kayo Fox 70 tends to drop from the sprockets. In addition, the chain is usually installed a bit loosely, so it is prone to popping off. Still, old or overstretched chains and faulty sprockets might be responsible for loose chains.

How to Fix It?

  • Tighten the ATV chain by adjusting the rear axle. Loosen the bolts that hold the rear axle in place to remove the chain cover. Unfasted the four bolts along with the two small nuts near the rear.
  • Once the bolts and nuts are loosened, push the axle back until the chain is tightened. Thus, there will be more space between the front and rear sprockets.
  • Reinstall the chain cover after you are satisfied with the tightness of the chain.

Problem 6: Lack or Loss of Low-End Power

Lack of power is a widespread problem in Kayo Fox 70 as it doesn’t have enough power to tackle challenging terrain. So, unfortunately, it struggles to make it up the low-grade hills or any uneven trails.

Most of the time, it lacks in power to reach there. When you drive on uneven roads, it tends to lose power suddenly. A clogged filter, faulty spark plugs, dirty exhaust pipe, and damaged sensors might be responsible for sudden power loss.

How to Fix It?

  • Replace the Sprockets

The first thing you can do to increase power is to replace the sprockets. Next, you need to change the front and rear sprockets to change the top speed and acceleration of the vehicle.

However, there is a tradeoff between acceleration and top speed. Switching to a larger front sprocket and a smaller rear sprocket will increase top speed and decrease acceleration.

Conversely, changing smaller front and rear sprockets and larger front sprockets will increase acceleration and decrease the top speed. To improve the vehicle’s performance, you can switch to a smaller rear sprocket. 

We prefer a 13-tooth sprocket. Also, a 10-tooth front sprocket like WEIYINGSI 10-tooth sprocket would be enough as well. Meanwhile, keep the rear sprocket as it is. Simply change the front sprocket and get added power.

  • Adjust the Throttle Timer

Adjusting the throttle timer will increase the vehicle’s power, speed, and acceleration. The Kayo Fox 70 speed limiter or throttle timer is the adjustable bull nose screw. It comes fully tightened, which you need to loosen to adjust the throttle timer.

Turn the screw counterclockwise using pliers. Twist it until you get a full range of power, speed, and acceleration. Once you unscrew it to the desired position, tighten the nut to hold the nut in place.

Problem 7: Size Issue

The Kayo Fox 70 is basically geared toward first-time riders above six and over up to 100 pounds. Kids below this age group may find it tough to reach the handlebars. Likewise, bigger adjustments will make it uncomfortable on the vehicle.

How to Fix It?

  • Look for the perfect size according to the rider’s frame.

Problem 8: Weather Problems

Extreme cold weather is responsible mainly for quad bikes not starting and battery draining. This can happen because the vehicle loses its ability to sparkle in freezing weather.

How to Fix It?

  • Try to warm up the vehicle before you try to ignite it. Push the choke for a minute and allow the gas to run until it gets hot. After warming the engine, ignite the vehicle.

Final Thoughts

Having Kayo Fox 70 problems is no longer a headache. You know how to troubleshoot problems with the Kayo Fox 70 ATV. Several Kayo Fox 70 upgrades can fix some of these issues.

In such a case, the overall Kayo price increase. You can prevent the Kayo Fox 70 problems from escalating via routine maintenance. It is also essential to service critical engine components routinely.

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