11 Worst Yanmar Tractor Models to Avoid In 2024

There is no doubt that buying a Yanmar tractor is one of your best decision. It is surely one the best manufacturers of tractors. Moreover, Yanmar tractors are generally reliable and perform well. But, then, there are some Yanmar tractor models to avoid.

Wondering, Is Yanmar a good tractor? Indeed, Yanmar claims to manufacture great tractor models. Still, some Yanmar tractor models are not up to the mark. Those Yanmar tractor models certainly are not worth your money.

Before investing in a Yanmar model, it’s good to know which Yanmar tractors to avoid. We have listed some of the worst Yanmar tractor models with their potential issues. So, you can think twice before considering that particular model.

11 Yanmar Tractor Models to Avoid In 2024

Are Yanmar tractors any good? Yanmar is a master at manufacturing highly efficient tractors. With advanced engineering techniques and low power, Yanmar tractors deliver maximum output with low emissions and minimum fuel consumption.

Their tractors are not only efficient but also practical, diverse, affordable, and convenient. In short, Yanmar tractors are committed to quality to produce reliable machines that are built to last.

Even so, there are a few Yanmar tractor models you should stay away from buying. These models are not the best in performance and may suffer you replacing problematic parts.

Make sure the following models are not on your buying list.

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1. Yanmar YM273

The YM273 is one of the rare models. The parts of this model are hard to find. Also, the model is known for its insufficient sharing option. Since the parts are hard to find, repairing or servicing the model becomes challenging.

It needs time and effort to find out the parts. Sometimes, you can consider custom fabrication of the parts required. Unfortunately, the YM273 model has a low profile. Therefore, finding supplies like filters or belts from dealers become impossible.

Why Avoid YM273?

  • Very rare model
  • Replacement parts are hard to find
  • Limited sharing

2. Yanmar YM177

The YM177 is a rare model manufactured mainly for the Korean market. Finding the replacement parts of this model is also too tough. Parts may be available in Korea but not in the rest of the countries.

Since the parts are rarely available, you cannot share or exchange parts with other models. So you’ll surely be in big trouble if something goes wrong with your YM177 tractor.

Why Avoid YM177?

  • Highly rare model
  • Replacement parts are not available in other countries except in Korea
  • No sharing

3. Yanmar FX235

The FX235 model is mainly manufactured for the Japanese market. It contains some quality parts with the Japanese instruction manual. If you manage to get the parts online, you’ll also need a translator.

However the translated versions are also available, but they cost a few extra bucks. In addition, the model takes more time to adapt than a regular tractor. Another notable issue of the FX235 is its blown gasket.

If you can detect the issue early, you can fix it. Unfortunately, things worsen when it’s too late, as a blown gasket leads to problems like radiator faults, overheating, etc. So, it’s better to steer clear of this model.

Why Avoid FX235?

  • Replacement parts are hardly available otherwise, except in Japan
  • Japanese instruction manual
  • A blown gasket

4. Yanmar YM350

The YM350 is another Korean-based model which is hardly available in other countries. So, finding the replacement parts for this model is also quite challenging. However, a few particular parts are common for sharing or exchanging with other models.

If the YM350 tractor needs an upgrade or gets damaged, there is nothing much you can do. Moreover, the instruction manual is in Korean. Therefore, this manual may be challenging to understand if you are new to farming utilities.

Why Avoid YM350?

  • Korean instruction manual
  • Replacement parts are hard to find
  • Limited sharing options

5. Yanmar SA424

The SA424 model has several problems that are tough to fix. Mainly, the failure to start is one of the issues. A defective electrical unit and a faulty engine can be the reason for starting difficulty.

Moreover, it has other issues like poor fuel economy and front-end loader malfunctions. So many issues of this model can be too much for a novice farmer to handle. This may affect your workflow.

Why Avoid SA424?

  • Failure to start
  • Front-end loader malfunctions
  • Poor fuel economy

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6. Yanmar YM455

The YM455 is another model made solely for the Korean market. So it is tough to find replacement parts outside of Korea. Besides, spare parts are unavailable for sharing or exchanging between other models.

Why Avoid YM455?

  • Replacement parts are difficult to come by.
  • No sharing or exchange options

7. Yanmar YM1110

The YM1110 is another popular model in the Japanese market. Since it is made exclusively for Japan, very few spare parts options are available. Also, the model doesn’t share spare parts with other models. The lack of replacement parts means you can use custom-made or used parts.

Why Avoid YM1110?

  • Replacement parts are very rare.
  • No sharing options are available.

8. Yanmar 1500D

If you live in cold areas, make sure you don’t buy the Yanmar 1500D model. This model will surely give you a hard time starting the engine. The failure to start mostly happen in cold weather.

Moreover, many users complained about the overheating issues and failure to launch its 4WD mode. Therefore, you will need the mechanic’s attention to recover the tractor’s functionality.

The 1500D tractor may also need upgrading elements, like the fuel line and engine, which is costly. Above all, it is hard to launch the tractor, especially in the extensive weather conditions.

Why Avoid 1500D?

  • Failure to start
  • Overheating issue
  • Fail to launch the 4WD mode
  • Costly upgrades

9. Yanmar YM5000

Although the YM5000 is a United States model, it is very rarely available. Also, the size and weight of the model are too much than other Yanmar models. It is tough to fit into a container at a time, making shipping expensive.

Moreover, sharing its spare parts is almost impossible. It would be costly to transport the spare parts around the world. The YM5000 has a high power output. You can ship limited options at once because of its safety regulations on local roads.

Why Avoid YM5000?

  • Very rare model
  • No sharing option
  • Expensive shipping process
  • High power output limits the shipping amount.

10. Yanmar F22, F16 and FX32

The 2-digit “F” series models, such as F22, F16, and FX32, are very rare models in the market. The F22 is very old, debuted in 1984, and is made solely for the Japanese market. Despite being a Japanese model, a few are available in the U.S.

While older versions of these models are commonly available, newer versions are harder to come by. Used parts come at a high cost. Moreover, cosmetic parts are hardly available.

The engine of these “F” series models is not built with sleeves. As a result, it can be distorted by overheating. As a result, the repairs become costly. Above all, these models come with a limited lifespan.

Why Avoid F22, F16 and FX32?

  • Very rare model
  • Costly used parts
  • Cosmetic parts are hard to come by.
  • Costly repairs
  • Limited lifespan

11. Yanmar YM2200 and YM2700

The last on the list, YM2200, and YM2700 models, are popular though some components are still hardly available. The components like cylinder heads, intake, exhaust valves, and connecting rods are difficult to find.

Why Avoid YM2200 and YM2700?

  • Essential components are challenging to find

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Final Thoughts

If you want Yanmar as your fine fellow in the field, consider the above Yanmar tractors to avoid. Tractors of this agricultural utility brand are mostly excellent unless the replacement parts are readily available. So, pick any Yanmar models except the models mentioned above.

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