8 Worst Zero-Turn Mowers Brands to Avoid

Transform your lawn care experience with the unparalleled precision and agility of zero-turn mowers – the ultimate tool for landscaping enthusiasts.

Although several zero-turn mowers effectively blend attractive designs with efficient performance, certain models necessitate continuous parts replacement. Additionally, some may experience challenges when operating on inclines, and in extreme cases, there is a risk of combustion.

Our research has identified six zero-turn lawn mower brands that exhibit subpar performance, which you should be aware of when purchasing. By understanding these problematic brands, you can make a more informed decision when selecting a mower.

8 Worst Zero-Turn Mowers

1. Troy-Bilt
2. Ryobi
3. Country Clipper
4. Cub Cadet
5. Earth Wise
6. Dixie Choppers
7. Husqvarna
8. Stihl

1. Troy-Bilt – worst zero-turn mower

Sad to say, Troy-Bilt is one of the zero-turn lawn mower brands to avoid.

Overall, their design is simple and easy to use, but there’s little more to say.

The materials used in Troy-Bilts are low-quality and wear out faster than you might think. The deck is usually the first part to break. Also, engines on Troy-Bilt zero-turn mowers often leak.

Several homeowners have said that the mower catches fire. It could have been anything, from bad wiring to a leaking engine.

2. Ryobi – zero-turn mower brand

Powered by rechargeable batteries, Ryobi’s zero-turn mowers provide an advantage by removing the need for gasoline and reducing engine maintenance requirements.

Consider the true cost of lead-acid batteries before committing to a mower. Their attractive price point is offset by their slow charging time, leaving you no choice but to pause your mowing at 50% battery life.

Don’t let this inconvenience hold you back – explore better options for a seamless lawn care experience.

Choose Ryobi zero-turn mowers for their unique power-conserving feature, which kicks in at 50% battery life.

Battery durability is determined by acres mowed at full charge, but we plan to replace batteries after approximately 18 months for optimal performance.

3. Country Clipper – zero turn brand

Living close to a Country Clipper dealer is recommended to ensure easy access to warranty services. With this brand, you might claim the warranty multiple times.

Country Clipper mowers may begin with efficient cutting performance, but their inferior deck belts are prone to deterioration within just a few hours of operation. Consequently, belt replacement emerges as a prevalent issue for users.

Another issue commonly encountered by Country Clipper mower users is the occurrence of oil leaks.

Although the brand rates the mower’s traction at 3/10 for performance on steep terrain, the mower may need help to meet those expectations.

Additionally, Country Clipper’s subpar customer service may need to be improved to obtain necessary mower replacement parts.

4. Cub Cadet – lawn mower brand to avoid

Cub Cadets are one of the worst zero-turn mower brands to avoid because they don’t work well. They are sturdy, long-lasting, and well-balanced but don’t work as well as they look.

Cub Cadet mowers might lack some features.

For instance, the seat doesn’t have a spring, so it lacks bounce and needs enough grease to stay flexible. When you lift the seat to check the tank, it is also flimsy. It lands with a thud on the deck.

This might seem like a small problem, but you could damage the deck if you don’t hold the seat while you check the tank.

Another problem is that the mower makes a lot of noise and quickly runs out of gas. Tires have little traction, so they’re useless on hills.

The deck is shaky enough that it feels like you’re walking on eggshells when you step on it, especially if your body weight is on the heavier side.

When properly cared for, the mower can last a lifetime, but it has a few problems that make using it boring.

5. Earth Wise

Another brand with bad reviews is Earth Wise. Some users think the mower’s handles should be shorter for short people.

Other users say the blades don’t turn right, which makes them spend a lot of time cutting grass.

The battery in Earth Wise is another problem. The brand’s use of lead-acid batteries, which run out of power quickly, shows they need to use the most recent technology.

The mower is also very loud and seems to break down when the grass is too long or thick to cut.

6. Dixie Choppers

The mowers made by Dixie Choppers are alright. They are made of good materials and will last long enough to give you a good turn on your investment.

The only issue is with the engineering. Dixie Choppers can’t handle humid climates, and whenever there’s moisture, their engines break down. Spindle and belt problems are also frequent.

Dixie choppers could be better suited for navigating hills. This is due to a weak transmission, poor tire traction, and uneven tire pressure.

Although not all mowers have these problems, there are a lot of cheap Dixie Choppers on the market.

7. Husqvarna

Husqvarna is a well-known brand in the outdoor power equipment business. However, their zero-turn mowers have a negative reputation due to frequent malfunctions and poor customer support. Several Husqvarna models, like the MZ61, have garnered great reviews, but their features and cutting abilities have disappointed owners.

Engine, belt, and other component failures are a regular complaint. Owners may face expensive repairs and extended downtime due to these issues. Several owners need better customer service, including problems contacting assistance and sluggish response times.

Husqvarna Zero-Turn Mowers may need help on uneven terrain, making them unsuitable for some homes. This can result in poor cutting performance and a poor grass finish.

Husqvarna’s zero-turn mowers have disappointed many owners. Before making a purchase, potential buyers should research and explore other options.

8. Stihl

Stihl makes good lawn mowers, but the RMA 370 has hurt its reputation. The quality of this electric lawn mower could be better.

Despite having a lithium-ion battery, the lawn mower must be better made.

Also, the cutting deck is only 15 inches, so mowing your lawn will take much longer.

This mower will make your job hard and boring if you are busy or have a big lawn. Given the facts, the RMA 370 is overpriced for what you get.

Final touch

Zero-turn mowers are preferred over riding mowers because they can turn around quickly.

The problem is that some brands have yet to ignore the mower’s engineering process completely, and a mower from the same brand may break down in more than one place.

Dixie Choppers, Cub Cadet, and County Clipper are the worst zero-turn lawn mower brands to avoid.

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