6 Best Mobil 424 Equivalent - Mobil 424 Alternatives

Mobil 424 is a lubricant often recommended for agricultural and industrial tractors. It is a high-performance, multipurpose transmission fluid that helps keep your engine in good condition.

There are other lubricants that work just as well as Mobil 424. When choosing a lubricant for your tractor, it is important to consider the type of tractor you have, the climate you live in, and the type of work you do.

If you can’t find Mobil 424, you can use a Mobil 424 equivalent. Some good substitutes are Chevron 1000 TBH, Kendall Hyken 052, and Phillips 66 PowerTran Fluid. These transmission fluids are all high-quality and will work well in your machine.

This article talks about 6 alternatives to Mobil 424 that you can use in your tractors and other equipment. Let’s begin.

Best Mobil 424 Hydraulic Oil Equivalent

Like most tractor or mower owners, you want your transmission fluid to perform well in tough conditions. Tractors are designed for heavy use, so you need a versatile lubricant that meets all transmission requirements.

Mobil 424 and the alternatives below are high-performance transmission fluids that can help you save money on operating costs. They offer benefits such as rust and corrosion protection, friction control, reduced wear, optimized clutch performance, and more.

Before we look at the alternatives to Mobil 424, here is a table to help you understand these lubricants.

Mobil 424 EquivalentBest Features
Kendall Hyken 052Two viscosity grades for use in most climates
Exceptional seal compatibility
Mitigates brake chatter problem and grabbing of brakes
Sunoco TH FluidIdeal for top-ups and refills
Suitable for commercial transmissions
Offers improved wet brakes control
Chevron 1000 THFMeets OEM cleanliness requirements
Highly refined
Distinctive orange color for easy identification
Phillips 66 PowerTran FluidTwo viscosity grades for use in most climates
Prevents thermal breakdown
Excellent seal compatibility
BlueSky Terra Multi-TracBiodegradable and environmentally friendly
Offers extra high performance
Superior oxidation resistance
Gulf Transcrest Tractor Hydraulic FluidUsed in multiple equipment
Maintains viscosity under extreme working conditions
Enhanced load-carrying capacity

1. Kendall Hyken 052 Farm Tractor Lubricant

Kendall Hyken 052 is a good replacement for Mobil 424. It can be used in any machine and works well in the final drive, transmission, hydraulic system, and wet brakes.

It meets the requirements of farm tractors and equipment from major brands. You can use it with all your equipment if they have a common fluid reservoir.

Kendall Hyken 052 comes in two grades: thick and thin. A thick grade is good for most climates all year round. You can choose the thin grade if you live in cold regions.

When using this Mobilfluid 424 equivalent, you will get the following benefits:

  • The fluid flows freely in most climates because it comes in two viscosity grades.
  • It offers excellent oxidation resistance, which prevents your fluid from breaking down due to heat.
  • It protects hydraulic pumps, gears, and clutches from wear.
  • It can help reduce brake chatter and grabbing.
  • It has good foam resistance.
  • It protects internal components from rust and corrosion.
  • It has exceptional seal compatibility.

2. Sunoco TH Fluid

Sunoco TH Fluid is a high-quality, multi-purpose lubricant used in various applications, including transmissions, hydraulic systems, differentials, final drives, power steering systems, PTOs, and wet brakes. It is also a good choice for most farm equipment.

Sunoco TH Fluid is made with the latest additive chemistry to provide maximum protection. It is typically used for top-ups and refills. The fluid is also suitable for commercial transmissions that require DEXRON or Type A (Suffix A) fluids.

The fluid has enhanced friction properties that optimize PTO and clutch performance. The high viscosity index makes it useful in many climates. Other benefits of this lubricant include:

  • Protection against rust and corrosion of internal components.
  • Improved wet brake control.
  • Excellent wear protection.
  • Improved PTO chatter control.

3. Chevron 1000 THF

Chevron 1000 THF is a good replacement for Mobil 424 hydraulic oil for tractors, mowers, and other machinery. It is a high-quality, multi-purpose lubricant that is specially designed for transmissions, hydraulic systems, final drives, wet brakes, and PTOs.

Chevron 1000 THF is ISOCLEAN certified, which means it meets the cleanliness requirements of original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). This means that you can be confident that this lubricant will reduce operating costs, minimize downtime, and extend the life of your machine.

Chevron 1000 THF is made with highly refined base stocks, which gives it enhanced oxidation stability and greater thermal stability. Other essential components in this lubricant include:

  • Viscosity index improver
  • Oxidation and corrosion inhibitors
  • Antiwear and film strength additives
  • Antifoaming agent
  • Pour point depressant

Chevron 1000 THF can also suppress brake chatter, optimize clutch performance, and prevent sludge. It also lubricates various moving parts, such as spur and helical gears, for smooth operations.

The lubricant’s distinctive orange color makes identifying and detecting leaks easy. The fluid’s compatibility with seals and O-rings minimizes the chances of leakage.

4. Phillips 66 PowerTran Fluid

Phillips 66 PowerTran Fluid is a good alternative to Mobil 424 that can be used in all environments. It is a multi-purpose fluid used in final drives, transmissions, hydraulic systems, and wet brakes. It can also be used in farm tractors, mowers, and other off-highway equipment.

The fluid is available in two different viscosities, making it suitable for most climates. The higher viscosity grade is suitable for year-round use, while the low viscosity grade is ideal for cold temperatures.

Other benefits of this lubricant include:

  • Excellent oxidation resistance
  • Excellent wear protection
  • Protection against rust and corrosion
  • Resistance to foaming
  • Good seal compatibility

5. BlueSky Terra Multi-Trac

BlueSky Terra Multi-Trac is a good choice if you are environmentally conscious and looking for an alternative to Mobil 424. It is a high-performance lubricant that can be used in various machinery, including tractors and other off-highway equipment.

BlueSky Terra Multi-Trac is a biodegradable, vegetable-based lubricant that is safe for the environment. It is also a good choice for people looking for a chemical-free lubricant.

The lubricant contains special additives that make it high-performance and protect your machinery from wear and tear. It also helps to prevent rust and corrosion.

Here are some of the benefits of using BlueSky Terra Multi-Trac:

  • Biodegradable and environmentally friendly
  • Safe for machinery and the environment
  • Extra high-performance
  • Protects against wear and tear
  • Prevents rust and corrosion

This fluid has special additives that reduce friction between moving parts in brakes and clutches. This helps to prevent wear and tear on these components and extends their life. The fluid also meets the requirements of original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), which means it is safe to use in farm equipment.

6. Gulf Transcrest Tractor Hydraulic Fluid

Gulf Transcrest Tractor Hydraulic Fluid is a high-quality lubricant that can be used in various agricultural and industrial equipment. It is a good alternative to Mobil 424 and is made of high-quality base oil and additives.

Gulf Transcrest is a multi-functional lubricant used in differentials, transmissions, hydraulic systems, PTOs, hydrostatics, and wet brakes. It can maintain viscosity under severe working conditions and works year-round on modern tractors and older farm equipment. It also protects gears, hydraulic pumps, and clutches against wear.

Here are some other benefits of using Gulf Transcrest Tractor Hydraulic Fluid:

  • It provides excellent foam resistance, so it will not form bubbles in the system. This is important because foam can reduce the effectiveness of the lubricant.
  • It has friction modifiers that help to prevent chatter in wet brakes. Chatter is a vibration that can occur in wet brakes and can be very annoying. The friction modifiers help to smooth out the braking action and reduce chatter.
  • It has excellent seal compatibility, which means it will not damage the seals in the system. This is important because damaged seals can lead to leaks.
  • It has enhanced load-carrying capacity, which means it can handle more weight than other lubricants. This is important for heavy-duty equipment.

Summing Up

You can’t find Mobil 424 on the market. Does that worry you? Thanks to the list above, you can find six reliable fluids that will work just as well as Mobil 424. Choose Phillips 66 PowerTran Fluid or Kendall Hyken 052 Farm Tractor Lubricant if you want a lubricant that can be used all year and in most climates. Buy Chevron 1000 THF if you want a refined and clean fluid. BlueSky Terra Multi-Trac Tractor Fluid is a great choice if you own a tractor and care about the environment.

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