10 Golf Cart Brands To Avoid - Worst Golf Cart Companies

Have you ever thought of buying a golf cart? If not, maybe it’s time to consider it. When searching for a golf cart, you may be overwhelmed by plenty of brands available. Not all brands manufacture good-quality golf carts.

Knowing which brands make great golf carts and which golf cart brands to avoid can be difficult. Don’t worry; you don’t have to be Tiger Woods for that. We can help. This article will tell you which golf cart brands you should be wary of.

Some brands in the market are just downright terrible. These brands may not provide you with the quality and performance you are looking into a golf cart. So, let’s explore the golf cart brands to avoid.

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Which Golf Cart Brands to Avoid this Year?

Brands like Yamaha, Club Car, and E-Z-GO make high-quality golf carts, while some turn out to be nothing buts trash. These are not even worth your money. Let’s look into which golf cart brands you shouldn’t consider while purchasing a golf cart.

1. Icon EV

Let’s start the list with a brand that most golf experts advise you to avoid. Don’t be fooled by its attractive price, as they say. However, it indeed offers smooth operation at high speed on flat roads, even on rough terrains.

The cart has a maximum speed of 25mph and features a 48VAC, 4kW Toyota motor to reach the speeds. Despite having so many good features, there are still many reasons not to buy Icon EV golf carts.

Reasons not to buy

  • Only electric options are available. Not suitable for those looking for a gas-powered alternative.
  • Icon EV golf carts are larger and heavier than most golf carts.
  • Tough to handle and store for its size.
  • Over time some problems appear, like, battery issues, brake issues, and defective solenoids.
  • Repairs are expensive and time-consuming.
  • The vehicle’s tires are prone to slouching.

2. Tomberlin Golf Carts

Timberline manufactures versatile golf carts for on-road and golf course use. Their carts meet NHTSA requirements making them suitable for on-road use. They have six golf cart models with a top speed of 19.9mpH and an LSV speed of up to 25mpH.

Tomberlin golf carts come with a 7” LCD screen, e-brake parking, ignition key, a full-screen reverse camera, and a horn. They also have practical features like a full-screen reverse camera and electric steering.

Wondering why you have to avoid Tomberlin despite having so many helpful features? The reason is simple. Tomberlin golf carts have issues at the base, that is, their motor and power. They even have defective parts on their cart models.

Reasons not to buy

  • Low power compared to other golf carts
  • Useless without power
  • Develops motor problems over time
  • A full charge gives 40 miles of coverage, meaning need to recharge.
  • Issues with speed control
  • Starting issue because of the faulty motor, controller, or key switch
  • Defective direction switch

3. HDK

Many people consider HDK for its affordable price. Since HDK is a China-based brand, it has lower production costs and, therefore, is reasonable. It has most of the features of American-based brands.

However, HDK golf cart problems make it one of the worst golf cart brands among owners. The top speed of HDK golf carts is at max 22mpH, which is less than many American-based brands.

Since it’s a China-based brand, finding local dealers and parts can be a hassle. You have to contact their official website to buy a new cart. It makes overall maintenance challenging for owners.

Reasons not to buy

  • Low top speed
  • Tough to find local dealers to sell and buy golf carts
  • Finding parts and accessories challenging

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4. GEM Electric Vehicles

GEM electric vehicles manufacture a variety of street-legal carts in the US. Their carts are both electric vehicles and golf carts. Some of its notable features are a 3-point safety belt, high-back seats, electronic power steering, etc.

On top of that, it offers a top speed of 25mpH. It’s a go-to option for golfers looking for high-quality golf carts. Though it seems like luxury carts, there are many reasons to avoid GEM electric vehicles.

Reasons not to buy

  • Expensive than many renowned brands
  • It takes too long to charge fully
  • High maintenance due to electric design
  • Not a perfect option for a golf course
  • Issues with parking brake and speed control

5. Melex

Melex is one of the oldest golf cart manufacturers in the world. It has been in the production of electric golf carts since 1971. Their electric golf carts are relatively more affordable than other brands.

Some of their notable features are seatbelts, headlamps, automatic transmission, front and rear lights, and a horn. These make the carts easy to maneuver. Though Melex is experienced in the market, there are still reasons to avoid them.

Reasons not to buy

  • Very slow speed, a top speed of up to 19mpH
  • Parts are difficult to find
  • The battery is perfect for long-distance coverage.
  • Issues with the motor and solenoid
  • Faulty direction switch
  • No speed control

6. Crossfire Golf Cart

The Crossfire golf cart is unique in appearance, giving its users a feel of both a golf cart and UTV. It has some noteworthy features, like a powerful 177cc 4-stroke engine, a top speed of 25mpH, and several safety features.

Though the design looks functional, it still lacks quality and reliability. Besides, the engines tend to wear out quickly. The repair may be costly. There are reasons to avoid it.

Reasons not to buy

  • Defective electric starter
  • Issues with the battery
  • Parts and accessories are not readily available

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7. Evolution Electric Vehicles

Evolution electric vehicles are famous for their versatile cart options, including commercial, residential, and fleet applications. The design and features of Evolution carts will surely attract you.

Evolution EV features dual-tone seats, a touchscreen, TPO injection moulding, a 2-year warranty, and what’s not! On top of that, they offer dedicated customer support. Despite all that, we’d say don’t be fooled by its looks and features.

It has many shortcomings that will make you think before buying it. The major among them is its performance on rough terrain. In addition to this, there are many reasons to avoid this brand.

Reasons not to buy

  • Bumpy and uncomfortable ride on rough terrain
  • A faulty starter solenoid or battery error leads to startup issues.
  • Issues with the brakes
  • No vertical adjustments on side mirrors 
  • Loose connections or corrosion leads to motor issues
  • Poor performance
  • The stock seat needs improvement.
  • Disturbance in the speed controller
  • Only 50 miles range
  •  Faulty directional switch
  • Costly repairs and maintenance

8. Royal Electric Vehicles

Royal electric vehicles have some unique features you will hardly find in others. A reverse camera, custom seats, retractable dual seat belts, a 5Kw motor, etc., are notable among them.

Besides, its custom rims and tires make it a perfect choice for rough terrains. Unfortunate but true, Royal EV golf cart problems overshadow its unique features. The issues are primarily technical, which ultimately requires high maintenance costs.

Reasons not to buy

  • Issues with speed control
  • Motor malfunction
  • Faulty direction switch
  • Problems with the starter solenoid
  • Unreliable performance
  • High maintenance costs

9. Bintelli Electric Vehicles

Wondering why such a renowned US golf cart brand is on the list? Indeed, Bintelli is famous for selling affordable street-legal electric vehicles. Their EV has many notable features like two-tone seats, a power windshield, a rear camera, etc.

Bintelli electric vehicles are safe to drive on the street and on the course. Where they offer a top speed of up to 25mpH on the road, they only provide 20mpH on the golf course. It is one of the reasons you should avoid Bintelli EVs.

Reasons not to buy

  • Not good top speed on the course
  • Small engine
  • Not suitable for sloped roads
  • Poor performance on inclined roads
  • No brand name on the serial number plate

10. Epic Golf Cart

Let’s wrap the list with a brand many will not warn you about. You may haven’t heard the name Epic Cart if you are new. It was a big name many years ago but failed to keep up with the other brands.

The Epic golf carts come with two, four, and six-seater models. It features a 5kW motor, AGM battery, 4-wheel independent suspension, 4-wheel disc brakes, etc. All this notwithstanding, using Epic cart can be difficult for many reasons.

Reasons not to buy

  • Difficult to start
  • Issues with the battery
  • Ignition or motor problem
  • Wiring problems
  • Faulty direction switch
  • Fuel issues

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Final Thoughts

Investing in a reliable brand is essential when it comes to golf carts. A golf cart brand that won’t disappoint you on the course. While so many great options are available, there are also many golf cart brands to avoid.

Thankfully, now you know the golf cart brands you should avoid from the abovementioned list. Choose the right brand so you can enjoy smooth rides on the course. Make the decision wisely to make the most on your next golfing course.

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