10 Common CFMOTO UForce 600 Problems And Easy Fixes

CFMOTO UForce 600 looks as heavy-duty as its performance. The UForce 600 is a popular model launched by the Chinese ATV brand CFMOTO. This is significantly impacting the market positively, especially for its high speed and power.

But, some users also came across CFMOTO UForce 600 problems. If you are in the market to buy UForce 600, you may want to know what problems it encounters. Along with the good sides, it is better to know its flaws beforehand.

Some of the common 2022 CFMOTO UForce 600 Problems include the following;

  • Trouble shifting gears
  • Faulty speedometer and odometer
  • Slow throttle issues
  • Stopping while turning
  • Misfiring
  • Louder engine noise
  • Engine not starting
  • Excessive heat from the exhaust, Etc.

CFMOTO UForce 600 Problems and its Solutions

Every vehicle from any supplier has some issues, and so does the UForce 600. This article will inform you about each CFMOTO UForce 600 ATV problem and its proven fixes. Let’s find out how you can deal with each of these issues.

Problem 1: Trouble Shifting Gears

One of the prominent problems of CFMOTO UForce 600 is difficulty shifting gears. It disrupts the ATV’s smooth running and often causes riders frustration. Many users claim the vehicle seems jumpy while starting in H or L gear.

It mostly happens while the rider tries to shift into Low or Reverse gear from a stop. It takes a lot of force to jam the gear shift into the correct position. The possible reason why gears are difficult to shift is a worn-out or damaged clutch.

A worn-out or damaged clutch can cause the clutch to slide or grip. Also, when the clutch cable is too loose or too tight, the clutch will either engage too fast or too slow. This results in difficulty in engaging or disengaging the gears.

The second possible reason for stiff shifting is low transmission fluid. Low fluid level leads to gear grinding or slipping issues. Next, a broken gear selector might not engage the gears, resulting in gear-shifting problems.

However, when the RPMs are high, it might be challenging to shift gears. Then, the rider needs to find the sweet spot with minimum load on the gears. This is why the problem often occurs during an incline.

Lastly, misaligned shift linkage is another possible reason for stiff shifting. The lock nuts keep the shift linkage in place, but it tends to vibrate over time. As a result, the shift linkage moves to the wrong position frequently.

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How to Fix It?

  • Inspect the clutch for damage. If it is worn out, fix it by a professional mechanic or replace it entirely.
  • Check the fluid level and make sure it is not low. Change the oil if it has been a while since you changed it.
  • If the gear selector is broken, replace it with a professional.
  • If higher RPM is the culprit, adjusting the shift linkage might help. Or, while shifting gears, you can tap the brake and gas pedal at a time.
  • Check if the shift linkage is misaligned. If so, locate the shift linkage cable under the passenger seat toward the center of the UTV. You’ll find two locking nuts holding the cable in place.

Loosen the back nut 1.5 to 2 turns and tighten the front nut. This will shift the nuts to the right and lock them. Use the gear shift to make sure the shift linkage relocates in place.

Problem 2: Faulty speedometer and odometer

The speed sensor in UForce 600 connects the speedometer and odometer. The speed sensor breakdowns will likely cause the speedometer and odometer to stop working. 

A malfunctioning gauge, faulty speed sensor, or faulty wiring might be the reason for a defective speedometer and odometer. A wire connects the speed sensor to the speedometer or odometer.

They might be faulty due to deterioration, environmental exposure, etc., making them non-functional. When the speedometer is defective, it might show inaccurate speed readings. 

How to Fix It?

  • Inspect the speed sensor and its wiring for any sign of wear or damage. Replace the broken wire or malfunctioning speed sensor with a new one.
  • Check the gauge. Replace the entire gauge cluster if it is faulty.

Problem 3: Slow throttle issues

Slow throttle response is another concerning issue you might encounter. It mostly happens while attempting to run the vehicle in 5th gear. While regulating fuel flow to the engine, the RPM grows well.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t get much response from the engine. Therefore, the high gear you tried becomes useless. You have no option left but to run the ATV in low gear. As a result, your ride might shake sometimes.

How to Fix It?

  • Upgrading the primary clutch with new weights and springs might help.
  • You can get an increase in throttle response if the secondary clutch is relocked to a different setting.
  • You can try setting it at C1 for a better experience.

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Problem 4: Stopping while turning

The CFMOTO UForce 600 often comes to a halt while trying to turn it into low gear. It mostly happens when the carburetor is not clean or blocked. Therefore, the engine will have fuel lacking.

The engine will not restart and resulting in power loss. Also, if the fuel pump doesn’t provide enough pressure, this will stall the engine while turning. A faulty ignition switch is also to blame for the engine stopping. This problem can be dangerous when driving at high speed.

How to Fix It?

  • Check if the carburetor is clean. If not, clean it. Replace the carburetor if the problem still exists.
  • Make sure the fuel line is free of debris.
  • Check if the fuel pump is providing enough pressure. Replace it if necessary.
  • Check if the ignition switch is providing sufficient power to the fuel pump. Replace it if not.

Problem 5: Misfiring

Misfiring is a common issue of CFMOTO UForce 600, especially in the 2019 models. A damaged or dirty spark plug is mostly to blame for this issue. A faulty spark plug fails to ignite the fuel mixture in the cylinder. This results in a jerking or uncertain situation when you try to accelerate.

How to Fix It?

  • Inspect the spark plug located on the cylinder head of the engine. If it is fouled or damaged, you need to change it. You can remove the spark plug using a socket wrench and a spark plug socket.
  • Buy a replacement spark plug and measure its center-to-ground electrode spacing. Treat the replacement spark plugs threads with a small amount of anti-seize chemical. Now, reinstall the spark plug by rotating it counterclockwise.

Problem 6: Louder engine noise

The UForce 600 tends to create a lot of noise than other UForce models. The ATV has a single cylinder. Still, it sometimes makes noises so loud that it becomes annoying while you drive. The noise is amplified with a full cab enclosure.

Various factors could be responsible for excessive engine noises, including faulty timing chains, worn-out piston rings, or loose valve tappets. If you don’t fix this on time, it could ultimately damage the engine or lead to expensive repairs.

How to Fix It?

  • Sometimes low or dirty engine oil can lead to excessive engine noise. Check if the engine oil level and condition are okay. 
  • Inspect the piston rings or timing chains. If they are worn out, you may need to replace them.
  • Check the valve tappets. If they are loose, tightening them could reduce the engine noise.
  • Sometimes you can eliminate louder engine noise by placing soundproofing mats in the rigs. Also, you can install self-adhesive sound insulation in motor tunnels, motor covers, store boxes under the seats, and exhaust manifolds.

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Problem 7: Engine not starting

Some users complained about the CFMOTO UForce engine not starting. Many reasons could be to blame for this issue, including battery drainage, faulty wiring, spark plugs, valves, or starter solenoids.

The UForce 600 battery is claimed to be weak and gets drained somewhat faster. Also, the fouled spark plug can cause the engine not to start. If there is fuel, oil, or coolant coated on the spark plug, you can tell by looking at its tip color.

Then, there is a high chance the battery terminals or wiring are responsible for the issue. Sometimes, the battery wires get disconnected from grounding wires, and it has debris or corrosion.

The starter solenoid is the culprit if you hear a clicking sound while starting the ATV and the engine is not fired up. Lastly, tightening or loosening the valves could be responsible for the issue.

How to Fix It?

  • Check the battery voltage by giving it 12+ volts and ensure it works properly.
  • Inspect the spark plug thoroughly and make sure it doesn’t look burnt.
  • Clean the battery terminals and use dielectric grease or petroleum jelly over the terminals.
  • Check all the solenoid connections and ensure they are not loose. Adjust the solenoid if you think it’s loose.
  • Maintain the valves at the correct level as per the owner’s manual.

Problem 8: Excessive heat from the exhaust

When riding UForce 600 at slow speed at low gear, there tends to have excessive heat coming from the exhaust. It heats up the side of the exhaust pipe vents, the plastic fuel tank cover, and the outer plastic shell.

How to Fix It?

  • Cover the whole exhaust pipe with the heat shield or heat wrap to make your ride comfortable.

Problem 9: Insufficient Accelerator Pedal Response

While at lower acceleration, the UForce 600 tends to have an insufficient pedal response. It causes a jerky ride which mostly lessens when the vehicle speed exceeds 15 to 20mph.

How to Fix It?

You can eliminate the jerkiness and fix the insufficient accelerator pedal response in two ways;

Adjust the ECU (Electrical Control Unit)

Adjusting the ECU for each throttle position and RPM level helps to recalculate the vehicle’s optimal air-to-fuel ratios. By having the ECU adjusted, the throttle response will be better.

Adjusting the ECU will help reduce the jerkiness of the ATV. Also, it will increase the horsepower and torque and reprogram the radiator fan to occupy at a low engine temperature. This results in preventing overheating.

Upgrade the Clutch

You can upgrade the clutch in two ways to resolve the jerkiness.

  • First, you can install a clutch kit for the primary clutch. It ultimately develops the spring and weights of the clutch system. There are many aftermarket clutch kits available for $149.95-$485.94.
  • If you want to save a few bucks, consider an adjustable spring with twelve different settings in the secondary clutch. You can re-clock it to a different setting. As the UForce comes factory-set on the B1 setting, you can re-clock it to the A-1 or C-1 setting.

Problem 10: Unusual Heat Under Seats and in the Cabin

Producing excessive power seems to be a common thing with the UForce 600. Aside from generating excessive heat in exhaust, users complain of experiencing extreme heat in the cab and under the seats.

It may be a blessing in cold weather, but it can be horrible during hot weather. A clogged radiator or damaged fan could be responsible for the issue. This results in hot air from the radiator venting or the motor that warms up under the seats.

How to Fix It?

  • Check the radiator and fan to see if they are functioning correctly. Make sure there is no blockage in the fan. If the radiator and fan are broken, replace it. 
  • Install heat shields to overcome the problem. Fix it under and up the back of the seats. You can use roofing rubber, windshield sun deflectors or buy one from Amazon. 
  • If your UForce 600 has a side door installed, it is better to take them out to lessen the heat. 
  • Install an automotive fan under the seat to minimize the heat under the legs. 

Final Thoughts

Apart from the CFMOTO UForce 600 problems, this is undoubtedly an excellent off-road vehicle. When you are aware of these problems, you can get the most out of this ATV. You can troubleshoot all of the issues discussed above with our given solutions. Best of Luck!

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